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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hawk and pidgeon

I was changing the registration sticker to one of the family cars when I heard a whooosh, then the sound of two bodies colliding, then the flapping of wings. I looked around and saw this:

Those are feathers scattered all over the street, and that's a red-tailed hawk standing over a friendly neighborhood pidgeon it had just caught.

It held the pidgeon while the life ran out of it. It's been a while since I'd seen life run out of something, so I just stood there, transfixed. It looked at me while its prey squirmed and died, them flew up to a perch to watch the pidgeon's life ebb from the safety of the top of a lightpost:

After a bit, the hawk flew down and stood over the pidgeon, and I thought it was too heavy for the hawk to carry it away, but it did, flying up to the palm tree in the pic to enjoy its catch of the day. Look at the light post in the second pic. You'll see the hawk on the top of the streetlight. You can also see the blood oozing out of the poor pidgeon.