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Thursday, September 3, 2015

AORAE news / issue 4 review


Due to printing issues, issue four of Ancient Egyptians will not be available until September 16th.
Apologies for the delay and hope none of you went to the comic book store in vain.
Dark Horse Comics and I only want the best product and story out there, so this decision was made with that in mind. I did not know the actual day until yesterday and wanted to update all five of you asap. I believe the digital version is available now, but I always prefer a comic book that I can hold in my hands :)

I'd also like to take the opportunity to announce that I am working on another Age of Reptiles series, with the hope of getting it out sooner than later :)

Lastly, here's another Issue 4 review, please click link HERE to read.

Thanks for your patience through this,

Ricardo Delgado

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Cool Test: Star Wars-The Force awakens edition

If you don't like this video, you are on the wrong blog :)

Kid warning: here's a couple of bad words at the end.

Age of Reptiles- The Journey: Spanish edition


I'd like to announce to all five of you that there will be a Spanish edition of The Journey!
Courtesy of Norma Editorial in Spain.

Here's the cover:

Not sure of the release date yet, but you may go to and check for updates.
Certainly the minute I hear something I'll post it here.

I'm thinking sandwich for lunch :)

Monday, August 31, 2015

King Kong nerd trivia of the day

This is a stop motion puppet of an Arsinotherium, a prehistoric mammal. The puppet was created for a projected called Creation, which was essentially abandoned for Kong.

Here's the same model on one of the Kong sets, which shows how deep these miniature sets were.

How do we know this was a Kong set?

Note the peg holes on the ground so the puppet's feet could be tied down into the floor.

Many of the puppets made for Creation like the T rex, Pteranodon, Brontosaurus and the Stegosaurus above were essentially then used for Kong.

Pretty cool!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

T rex and Mosasaur prints!

Some of you five have asked me from time to time about my old Age of Reptiles prints, and while I am out of them myself, here's a link to Stuart Ng, who has a few for sale.

Link HERE for the rex print!

Link HERE for the Tylosaur print!

Good luck!

Two for Thursday! Double ebay AOR original art listings!

I thought I'd try something different this week and list two different ebay offerings, a single page spread and a two page spread.

Here's the first, the two page spread:

A two-page spread, crammed with dinosaurs and marine reptiles, from THe Journey, issue four, pages four and five.

Here's a close-up:

There you go! Here's the LINK!

ALSO, here's a single-page spread, as a reasonable alternative:

Here's the link to the SECOND LISTING!

Both pages are chock-full of dinosaurs!

Good luck to all five of you!