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Monday, July 21, 2014

Matrix storyboards behind Neo as the sentinels close in

Nice scanning, dummy.

Harryhausen clip- 20 million miles to Earth: Ymir awakens

This is one of my favorite Harryhausen films. A spaceship from Venus crashes on earth and the alien that comes out and grows into a huge monster is so cool! He's kinda like Kong where he's an innocent animal that is killed at the end.

Wonderful animation by Harryhausen, like in this scene.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ray Harryhausen clip: It came from beneath the sea

As a kid, thought the idea of a gigantic octopus attacking the Golden Gate bridge was pretty cool, and always liked this movie, which was filmed in black and white but re-colorized recently.

RIP James Garner

Well, as all five of you know I'm a major fan of The Rockford Files and of James Garner, who passed away last night at 86. He's also in the Great Escape, one of my son's favorite films. Thanks for everything, Jim :)

Man, this guy could drive a car too. Here's his classic J-Turn:


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ray Harryhuasen sequences: First Men in the Moon

I'm gonna try and post a different Ray Harryhausen sequence every day this week.

This is from a pretty cool movie called First Men 'in' the Moon, set in Victorian England, and features some pretty cool animation like this giant caterpillar.