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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Incredibles Island schematic

With all of the crappy stuff I've worked on, sometimes you get a little lucky, and I was just that with the Incredibles. They even put this one in the 'making of' book.

I had toast with butter and jelly today, washed down with some coffee.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Will you repair the ceiling, 007?"

"Of course, Sir. Is the Aston Martin ready to go? Also, why do the Americans always say cookies instead of biscuits?"

Saturday, January 26, 2013

JP3 Spinosaur crash drawing #115

I worked on the plane crash/spinosaur scene.
In case you didn't know by now.

My Godzilla invades downtown LA

I did this in 1994 to get the job designing Godzilla for the Jan De Bont film version that was scrapped. This critter's design is horrible, by the way.


I did this for an episode of Symbiotic Titan and nobody cared so I posted it here.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet

I know I'm constantly making fun of my own designs, and deservedly so, but I'm super proud of this baby, an idea for Captain Amelia for Treasure Planet, done while I was at Disney Feature Animation in the late '90's. I know they went with the cat girl idea, but I liked this one better.

There, I said it.

How to Train Your Dragon rear view sketch

I don't know what you were doing in December of 2008, but I was at Dreamworks animation working on How to Train Your Dragon designing the big ugly dragon at the end that everyone called the Green Death, which is what they should call my career. Lots of ideas here ended up on the screen, but I wanted no rear legs and they ended up adding wings to that baby.

So what if I posted this before?

This is where you might think, "Ricardo, stop re-posting your lame, out-of-date images from your lame comic book!"


Ghost Gentleman

Did I show all five of you this one before? It's from the cover of my novel Sam Specter and the Book of Spells. If I already posted this one, feel free to ignore it since it's such a lousy drawing anyway.

Source Code Pod

I created this design for the movie that ended up being Source Code, for another director who was up for the gig. I never saw the movie. I rarely see the stuff I work on anymore.


Somebody snapped a pic of some Lynx (what's the plural for Lynx? Lynxii? Lynxes?) nad they look pretty cool and like could run me and my box of Krispy Cremes down pretty quickly.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy New Year from John Singer Sargent

I want a burger for lunch, but I should have a salad instead.

Indulge if you will, in the gargantuan chasm between Sargent's titanic, eternal work and my stupid, diabolical, insigificant production artwork below, lol.

UPDATE: Realized I'd used the chair painting before so I used another of his pieces, the Daughters of Edward Darley Boit. Here's a little more from Wikipedia, including links:

 The painting depicts four young girls, the daughters of Edward Darley Boit, in their family's Paris apartment. It was painted in 1882 and is now exhibited in the new Art of the Americas Wing of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The painting hangs in between the two tall blue-and-white Japanese vases depicted in the work; they were donated by the heirs of the Boit family.[2]
It has been described as "Arguably the most psychologically compelling painting of Sargent's career".[3] Though the painting's unusual composition was noted from its earliest viewings, initially its subject was interpreted simply as that of girls at play, but it has subsequently been viewed in more abstract terms, reflecting Freudian analysis and a greater interest in the ambiguities of adolescence.[4]

Still, this is unbelieveably sublime, whereas my art's just slimy, lol.

Please stop posting JP3 art!


Yet another stupid drawing from JP3

Belated Happy New Year cool test

If you don't know which car this is from, please go away and never come back.

From my buddy Matt Codd, who I appreciate, even though he likes Roger Moore 'Bonds'.