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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Star Trek- Deep Space Nine: The Promenade

So DS9 was the first big break of my career, and I think that twenty years later I can humbly state that I had a bit of influence over the show.

The Promenade set was one of the first things I worked on, and here's a pretty mediocre concept sketch:

I remember I thought it would be cool to have a monorail running through the set, lol.

The whole thing fit on Stage 17 on the Paramount Lot, and here's a blueprint of the set:

On the lower right side you'll see the name of the Set Designer, and in this case the set designer was Nathan Crowley, a very nice Englishman who ended up being Production Designing the last Batman trilogy for Christopher Nolan. Nathan and Joe Hodges, another talented Set Designer on the show, had just come off of Hook and Bram Stoker's Dracula and I remember being so impressed with their pedigree, but what has remained over the years is my impression of their friendliness, which I'll take over talent any day of the week.

Here's another design that I think ended up being used on the set. It's such a horrible drawing, lol:

If you look carefully on Nathan's drawring (that's how he said drawing!) I think you can see this storefront drawing from the top view in between the temple and the security office.

Here's an image of the set from an episode:

And here's a photo of me on the set. I posted this before. Not sure whether Mike Okuda, another great human being, took this pic, or Doug Drexler, another man whose genius is only suprassed by the quality of his persona. Here's the pic again:

In the background you can see the realized version of my horrible drawing.