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Monday, September 17, 2012

The many faces of Servant Prime


Servant Prime is the villain of my Dark Horse comic book Hieroglyph. It's a character that also appears in my novel Warhead, as well as the cover, although I don't make the direct link that it's the same character, perhaps the same species. Also a nice man named Joe K went to a great deal of trouble to make a miniature of the character, and so I'll share them with you now:

Here he (it) is as a single image, from the cover of Warhead.

Here it is from the cover of Hieroglyph.

Here it is from the miniature from Joe K. Thanks Joe!

Here's the cover of Warhead, with Ole' Prime there as well.

To be specific, Prime appears on the cover of Warhead, but in the novel a character called the Whisperer is the same species as Prime, if that makes sense!