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Friday, June 28, 2013

Doug Drexler

I met Doug Drexler on Star Trek Deep Space Nine over twenty years ago. He shared the makeup Oscar for Dick Tracy a few years before and was just a Renaissance guy. I grew to respect, love and appreciate Doug during that time, even though he was as crazy as a Jaybird, lol. One time he had to detail a full-sized crashed spaceship on the set of one of the episodes, and he somehow matched exactly the detail of the miniature used on the show! I was so impressed with his dedication to Star Trek, a show he grew up watching and adoring as a kid.

Being a Trek Zealot, Doug and I used to argue fiercely which ship was cooler, the Enterprise or the Millennium Falcon, and of course everyone knows the Falcon helped destroy two Death Stars, but it was funny to see Doug get so geeked over that debate.

Here he interviews makeup legend Michael Westmore, who I also met on DS9, who is part of the famous line of Westmores that were the foundation of movie and television makeup for decades. I also worked briefly with Michael on Star Trek- First Contact as we developed the look of the Borg and Borg Queen for that picture. Now, I have not seen Doug for over a decade, but I ran across this video on Youtube and he's still the crazy genius I knew then.

Yer a nut, Doug!