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Monday, July 22, 2013

Burny Mattinson: a fine fellow

I met Burny Mattinson at during my days at Disney Feature Animation. Now the place is called Disney Animation Studios, but regardless, Burny's a good friend and he recently celebrated sixty years at the company and the studio graciously had a day for him. I wish I had been there, but in the absence of that here's a few pics of the even that I pulled off the web.

There's Burny, as humble a man as I've ever met. He started out on Sleeping Beauty, then became an animator, story man and director. 

From Left to Right: Ron Clements, Eric Goldberg, John Musker, Burny, John Lassetter, unknown, and Andrew Millstein. 

Ron's holding a 101 Dalmations book. Burny told me that Ron said that the book is the reason that he wanted to work at Disney animation, and the illustrator of that book is, that's right, Burny Mattinson. 

This is the really cool cake they make for the event...

...and the official proclamation from LA county.

Well done, Burn, lol!