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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

El Santo and La Libreria Mexico

When I was a little kid I thought Mexican Wrestling Movies were reeeeallllly cool, and El Santo was the coolest of the masked wrestlers who fought vampires and werewolves and aztec mummies in these movies.

Here's a pic of El Santo:

In Latin America, these movies were really popular, and since I grew up in a latino household in Los Angeles, the kid in me was quickly impressed with these films, because in a weird way they were like superheroes fighting monsters, so when I saw this after the Avengers movie came out, it made me laugh and reminisce about those times as a little kid when El Santo, Mil Mascaras and the Blue Demon fought zombies, vampires and monsters. 

The color films are nice, but the black and white films are really cool. Someone did a Mexican Avengers photoshop illustration that I thought was great, and here it is:


I don't know who Pantera is but the others I know from comic book racks in Libreria Mexico, a latino magazine rack/bookstore where we'd go after mass as a little kid, and I thought I would share my enjoyment of these characters and this sub-genre with all five of you:) 

Here's a pretty cool fake 1950's Avengers trailer!

Libreria Mexico, today.