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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dinosaur Nerd alert!

So, I know many of you cannot continue to function without knowing whether Nanotyrannus is indeed a new species of dinosaur or simply a juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex. Paleo guys have argued both sides of this topic for a decade like it was a discussion over the Shroud of Turin, but one thing's for sure, the skull looks pretty cool.

The above image is from a 1999 Age of Reptiles calender. The image below was googled. If you feel passionately about either side of this fierce controversy, please feel free to NOT contact me with your frothing, frenzied opinion. One of the rare things in the world that's more annoying to this feverish Star Wars nerd, more than a feverish Trekkie nerd, are feverish dinosaur nerds. I love, love, love dinosaurs but leave the debating for more learned minds.

Notice on the image how you can see through one side of the nasal cavity to the other. This species (whatever! whatever!) had a pretty slim, elegant snout. And check out those teeth. Hate to have that chasing me on my old paper route.