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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kong size comp

This one's for Geof Darrow, my very good friend who unfortunately disputes my earlier posting of the REAL Godzilla/King Kong size comp. Geof, who is an amazing comic book artist with titles like Rusty the Robot and the Big Guy, Hard Boiled and Shao Lin Cowboy to his credit, seems to think that the strange-looking ape man holding a rock is somehow King Kong, when in fact the big guy is right there for all of us to see.
I met Geof on the Matrix sequels and we're friends because we really don't talk about our work, we talk about movie monster minutia, dinosaurs, robots, comic books, and John Woo movies that don't try to name themselves after my buddy's comic book, lol.

Uhhh, watch out there, Kong.