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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Warhead: Servant Prime

...was a character that was featured in a comic book series I did for Dark Horse comics in the late 90's called Hieroglyph. He's, or rather, it's the bad guy in that story and makes a cameo appearance on the cover of Warhead, which is a story set on the same planet but three thousand years later. Servant Prime is technically in the story, but an associate makes an appearance as a serial killer.

In a miniscule, microscopic sense, I'm trying to emulate the incredible Dune books by Frank Herbert- a guy interested in many things, like religion, ecology, religion and geography- and he translated his interests into the gargantuan world of Dune.

I'm trying, but my interests of masked Mexican wrestling movies, overly-priced dinosaur toys on E-bay, unsolved murder cases of the Victorian era and warm, salted Edamame served on a rainy day just don't seem to measure up.