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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pirate Graffiti

My family comes from Costa Rica, and off the coast of the country is Cocos. No, it's not the bad chain of restaurants throughout Los Angeles, it's actually an island paradise that was a hideout for pirates back in the day. Anyway, graffiti is not something new to culture, and on this island these pirates apparently hid out and /or hid their ill-gotten goods, and to this day expeditions (some funded by the Costa Rican government) have tried to find the reputed treasures. The island is surrounded by huge schools of Hammerhead sharks, and I think there's fresh water on the island, ideal for hiding out when the European navies are scouring the Pacific for you.

Above is a rock on Cocos Island, and it is covered with graffiti that is hundreds of years old.